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Wow, talk about Christian compassion.

"The most compassionate action I could execute would be to kill the vial beast. A hybrid creature born of sin should stay in Hell where it belongs."

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...Question. What would you do if you found out Esmeralda to be pregnant? You know, hypothetically speaking.


"Are you suggesting if the offspring was of my own doing? I assure you I will not claim some gypsy bastard a child of mine."

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Disney Villains Week, Day 6: Best Villain Death/Defeat

↳Claude Frollo

" And He shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit!"

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((I want to RP with you but I'm kinda shy and nervous too (〃ノωノ) ))

// hello friend ;w;!! don’t be shy! My muse is a butt but I am much much more friendly then Judge Grumpface (I hope he didn’t hear that >.>)

I’ve thought about opening up to more threads but every time I turn around I have something else to deal with (I actively run about 4 blogs on tumblr, including this one, and they take a hell of a lot of time to manage). I don’t want to get so behind on threads that I can’t get to them at all, and I get really anxious if I have more then a couple things to respond to (hence why gypsygirlesmeralda is the only person I’ve ever rp’ed with). I’d love to open up to more but I’ve always kept this blog quiet, and that’s just my preference. 

but even so you’re welcome to send Frollo asks or chat with me privately, I like talking to people ;w;

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I used to think Frollo was ugly (and I still think he's a horrible person) but years and a gerontophilia later I find him inexplicably hot. And then you come around with your godly writing and your shipping him with Esmeralda and I'm just going to sit here consumed with lust for the rest of the evening. *shakes fist at the heavens*



have fun

go crazy 

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So sorry I barely realized I haven't followed you yet! All this time I've thought I have. Horrible mistake on my part, my apologies. I adore your Frollo; very dead on with his character! Ive read some of your works before and am in love with your writing style; very engaging and amazing! :)


Oh gosh that’s totally fine, you don’t have to follow me or anything but of course I’m extremely flattered you are now ;;w;;! I adore your rendition of Frollo, like I’m so excited when I see your threads pop up. Your writing is fantastic, really ;w;


Disney Villains Week: Most evil/disgusting villain

The time has come, Gypsy. You stand upon the brink of the abyss. Yet even now it is not too late. I can save you from the flames of this world, and the next. Choose me, or the fire.

// I dropped a c-note and managed to waist 12 hours in a theme park just to see four seconds of Frollo in a mockup of scenes I could watch on my computer




Villains Week: Day 4 - Most evil/disgusting villain

Judge Claude Frollo

Me: Yeah I love Frollo. He's my favorite villain!
Cast Member: You mean, you love to hate him, right :D...?
Me: I mean I'd love if you didn't patronize me for wanting to treat a 60+ year old man like he's my pet dog.


Disney Villains Week: Day 4 (Most Evil/Disgusting Villain)

  Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Tywin Lannister

Hand of the King, Lord of Casterly Rock, and Warden of the West

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She climbed up on the railing of a fence that was nearby Frollo. His back was turned to her. She balanced herself and walked carefully like a tightrope artist. Coming closer to the judge she smiled when she spoke. "Your honor, if I were to lose my balance, would you catch me?" Esmeralda stretched out one long leg, pretending to teeter.






"You speak as if I should be concerned whether you fall or not. It’s a matter based upon your own carelessness," he spoke coldly, unwilling to display any solicitude towards the girl. 

Although, if she did manage to hurt herself while he was present, Frollo was certain her brethren would blame him, and he held no desire to be falsely accused of maiming the gypsy girl. Gritting his teeth he continued.

"However, I care not to have you or anyone else blame me for your reckless behavior. Get down at once!"

He had to admit, the offer was rather tempting. Seeing her sit up there for the rest of her days. One less gypsy to worry about. Still, her playful demeanor was a bit off-putting for him. She wasn’t going to abide by his rules, that much was certain.

It was then he noticed her smile. What sheer level of ignorance could she be to smile so pleasantly at the most feared man in the city? Yet, the minister felt no ill-will towards her. After all it wasn’t as if she was doing anything particularly wrong. She was foolish to think she could trust him, but was their any harm to return that understanding?

He scanned around, wary of any wondering eyes, before lazily cupping her hand. She was surprisingly warm. He was always told those of her kind were damp and cold like the rat-ways they slept in.

"Get on with it, gypsy. I have more important matters to attend to."

A small part of her did not think he would take her offered hand.  Clap her irons maybe, oui, but not hold her hand.  Esmeralda watched him look around first before taking her hand.  It made her giggle quietly.  Afraid of ruining his image by touching someone of her kind?  Who would really care! 

His hand was cold but also smooth and soft.  Like fine marble.  Walking the rest of the way on the railing, flexing a little with her long legs, she asked, “What sort of matters do you have to rush back to?  Don’t you ever just want to take a break from it all for an entire day? Enjoy the beauty of life instead?”

How could anyone want to be cooped up for hours on end behind stone walls?  Dreadfully dull and no wonder the judge was so cranky and pale.  

"Matters I assure you wouldn’t understand. I doubt you could even begin to comprehend the copious amount of tasks I accomplish daily, while you spend your afternoons gallivanting in the streets,” he spat, still scanning for any onlookers. Strange to see the judge so anxious. Normally his stoic composure rivaled that of Parisian architecture, but today he resembled the average citizen, rather than a cold diplomat. A rare face indeed.

Esmeralda continued to teeter, which only elevated the judge’s present distress. He wished the girl would come to her senses and climb down from that infernal fence. Without warning, her soft hand firmly grasped his own, much tighter then before. He could sense her weight shifting. Had Minister Frollo gotten his wish?

Esmeralda pouted down at him, shaking her head.  “There’s more to life than paperwork, Frollo.” 

A few stray curls fell down in her eyes when she had shook her head.  It briefly obstructed her view and she did not see the small bump in the wood of the railing.  Her hand instantly tightened in his, she faltered a little, trying to steady herself.  It didn’t help.  Her playful smile turned quickly as she fell over her own feet, tumbling forward.  Yelping out, she toppled down in Frollo’s direction. 

Her shriek startled the aged minister, but there was no time for him to dawdle over this precipitous predicament. Hand steady, he caught her around the waist. Thankfully, she was rather light, and he broke her downward tumble with ease. He’d pulled her into his robes as he staggered back a few steps. He stood stunned for a moment, more or less surprised he actually caught her. Age had yet to dull his reflexes, which was lucky for the clumsy Esmeralda. She seemed a bit shaken, but unharmed and rather…concerned? She gazed up at him with a bemused expression. Frollo scowled, brow raised, agitated she was staring so intently. 

"As always, I am correct, but you so chose to disregard my words of caution. I should have allowed you plummet to the earth and have you learned your lesson the hard way. Of course now, I see you’re indebted to my charity,” he spoke, lips curling into a small grin.



Disney Villains Week, Day 4: Most evil villain

↳Claude Frollo

"Judge Claude Frollo longed to purge the world of vice and sin. And he saw corruption everywhere...except within."